GNSS (GPS) Enroute Endorsement


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GNSS (GPS) Enroute Endorsement

GNSS (GPS) Enroute Endorsement


Ben Holloway


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A requirement for your Instrument Rating or Night VFR Rating, the GNSS Enroute Endorsement permits you to use a GNSS Receiver (GPS) as a primary means of navigation, and sets a solid foundation before you undertake your IFR flight training for GNSS (RNAV) approaches and GNSS Arrival procedures as well as enroute navigation.

Cost : $290
Course Duration : 4 Hours

Our Main Teachers

Ben Holloway is the instructor operating Sydney Aviation Theory. When not teaching theory during the week, Ben is probably up flying!

Price : 290 AUD

Max Availability : 60

Difficulty : Expert

Typology : Free

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