BAK / RPL / PPL (Aeroplane & Helicopter)


03 March 2020

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BAK / RPL / PPL (Aeroplane & Helicopter)

BAK / RPL / PPL (Aeroplane & Helicopter)

RPL & PPL Theory Course

Whether you need to start from scratch and cover all BAK/RPL & PPL material, or just need help with certain areas, we can work together to achieve the required standard & understanding of all topics in the exams.


  • Private Tuition (One on One – We travel to you) $249 Per 3 Hour Session. Includes all notes, flashcards & practice exams.
  • Small Classes at Camden Airport : Thursdays 1830 – 2130 &/or Saturdays 0900 – 1200. $75 Per 3 Hour Session.

There are 7 topics covered in the CASA PEXO exam :

Meteorology, Navigation, Performance & Loading, Aerodynamics, Human Factors (Includes Threat & Error Management), Aeronautical General Knowledge (AGK – Systems) & Air Law.

The number of sessions is really up to you and depends on your individual circumstances. This is best decided as we go, but as a guide, it is normally recommended to do 6-8 sessions to cover the full course.

Subject Timetable

Subjects are presented on a rotating schedule so you can avoid repeating a subject

Saturday 20/06/20Aerodynamics
(Principles of Flight)
Thursday 25/06/20Performance (Weight & Balance,
Take-Off & Landing Charts)
Saturday 27/06/20Flight Rules & Air Law
Thursday 02/07/20Aviation General Knowledge (Aircraft Systems)
Saturday 04/07/20Meteorology
Thursday 09/07/20Navigation
Saturday 11/07/20Aerodynamics
(Principles of Flight)
Thursday 16/07/20Performance (Weight & Balance
(Take-Off & Landing Charts)
Saturday 18/07/20Flight Rules & Air Law
Thursday 23/07/20Aviation General Knowledge (Aircraft Systems)
Saturday 25/07/20Meteorology
Thursday 30/07/20Navigation
Saturday 01/08/20Aerodynamics
(Principles of Flight)
Thursday 06/08/20Performance (Weight & Balance
(Take-Off & Landing Charts)

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If you’d like to request a time not listed below, please email and we’ll confirm the availability with you.

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