Aviation Maths


03 March 2020

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Aviation Maths

Aviation Maths

Aviation Maths

I offer 2 different types of Maths tutoring :


  • Aviation – This tutoring is perfect for airline interview preparation, where a maths test is very common or just for those who want to improve the maths skills generally used in aviation. It is also suitable for students before undertaking all other exams from BAK / PPL to ATPL. Revise maths that you haven’t seen since school, concentrating in those common areas used in aviation. Each hourly lesson comes with exercises to practice in your own time before moving onto the next lesson.
  • High School Years 7 – 12 – This is maths tutoring for school students who are either having some difficulty or simply just want to improve their results.


Both tutoring is conducted ‘One on One’ and we can concentrate on the areas that you most want to improve. Normally improvement in maths only takes 2 important steps, firstly, to have it explained to you in a clear and concise way so that you have a good understanding of the topic and secondly, plenty of practice and repetition in those same problems until you can say “I’ve got it !”

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