Aeronautical Radio Operator Certificate


03 March 2020

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Aeronautical Radio Operator Certificate

Aeronautical Radio Operator Certificate

Aeronautical Radio Operator Certificate

Formally known as the Aeronautical Radio Operators Certificate of Proficiency (AROCoP), this qualification is required by some airport ground staff, UAV operators and others.

The course takes up to 4 hours and covers the syllabus outlined by CASA in the Manual of Standards as part of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations (CASR) Part 61.

It covers both radio theory as well as practical radio operation and phraseology used in basic radio transmissions in both towered and non-towered (CTAF) operating environments.

Applicants for the Aeronautical Radio Operator Certificate will also require an English Language Proficiency Assessment, which I can conduct at the completion of the course if required. I will then submit both of these to CASA for processing on your behalf.


Cost :

$290 Radio Operator Certificate      

$106 English Language Proficiency Assessment

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